We can custom frame all of your memorabilia. Often when we have something special, it is put away somewhere safe to protect it. But putting it in a cupboard means that it is often forgotten about.

Why not have your special memorabilia framed?  By turning it into something extra special, it will protect it for years to come and it is always on view to remind you of all your special memories,

Consider framing an individual item or also consider framing a group of related items in a frame.

Here are a few examples of the things that we can frame

Footballs, Football Jerseys,Sports Memorabilia Derry

Sports Uniforms & caps

Team Colours, Flags, Jerseys and medals

Baby shoes, Christening or Baptismal robes

War Medals, Coins

Academic certificates,  Exam results

Music Memorabilia, Concert Tickets and Programs

Traditional costumes, Irish Dancing Dresses

Wedding Bouquets and invitations

 These are just a few suggestions … you know what you have, so think about what we can do with it for you. Consider grouping some of your precious memories, for example

  • A Football jersey with match tickets and photographs
  • A baby christening or baptismal gown with the hospital bracelet, footprint and hand prints, baby shower invitations and baby scan pictures
  •  A baby’s dress and first shoes
  • Awards certificates with medals, photographs and results
  • Photograph, concert tickets, autographs etc.

Give us the information and we will put a caption in the mount for you, for example you might want to use  the date and the details of the occasion. As our service is bespoke, we can put any information that you want to display in the frame for you.


Framed memorabilia makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift, especially for special occasions